Welcome to the Working Group Geomorphology!
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Welcome to the Working Group Geomorphology!

The German Working Group for Geomorphology (AK Geomorphology) is the forum of german geomorphologists and a working group of the German Society for Geography (DGfG). The AK Geomorphology is a national member of the “International Association of Geomorphologists (IAG)” and provides a network of the discipline on a national and international level. This website offers information about the activities of the working group as well as national and international events.


ATTENTION: Professorship Geoarchaeology and Environmental Hazards & Call for Grants

NEW: Conference scholarships now available for members from all over the world!!!

The locations of the Working Group

The map shows the different locations of important geomorphological institutions and members of the Working Group. Please contact a member of the Working Group in case your institution is not displayed on the map.